BigCare 2023 Online Course 

We are pleased to announce a BigCare online course for self-paced learning in 2023! [Flyer]

There is no cost for this course. We are hosting this course for only a limited time, so please apply as early as possible.

Application for this online course is open for applications NOW. Please submit your applications HERE.

There will be a total of four units in this course and enrollment and materials will be distributed sequentially. You will be given a two-month period to work on the materials using our computational server. Please keep in mind that at the end of the required period, your access to the computational server will be revoked. However, HTML materials will be made available for you to continue learning at your own pace.

A completion certificate will be issued for each unit and released after 6 months if you meet all of the following requirements:
a) You have successfully completed all materials;
b) You have finished an individual project using our provided data within the required period;
c) You have completed the immediate and 6-month post-workshop surveys.

If you are looking to receive the completion certificate, we strongly encourage you to consider your schedule and fully commit to this workshop. The materials and individual project will require dedication and effort to complete within the required period, so it’s important to make sure you can allocate sufficient time and attention to this opportunity.

Below is the tentative timeline for each unit’s availability:

  • Unit 1: Bulk/Single-cell RNA-seq (Now-June)
  • Unit 2: ChIP-seq (May-June)
  • Unit 3: GWAS (May-June)
  • Unit 4: Gene Regulatory Networks (May-June)

At the end of the online course, you will select one topic from the above four units and perform an individual project using our provided data.

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